“The main struggle people have with creativity is that they stop themselves from doing what comes naturally” — Clarissa Pinkola Estès

It’s already a known phenomenon that every one can write and that it isn’t everyone that can pen down an exceptional content that could worth someone’s reading pleasure. So, there’s no sense paraphrasing or trying to rephrase it.


But many people wish they could write and not just a mere writing but an excellent one.


While others who are already in the moving process, are shying behind, fanning the ember of “I am a writer”, but are yet to actually embrace and showcase their skills or neither are they willing to shamelessly glorify their craft even when they aren’t yet there.

May be it’s the fear of acceptance and getting it wrong the first time that’s pushing many intending writers aside. Or maybe it’s the fear of blunt criticism that’s drying many people’s ink.


But whatever that’s stopping or blocking your ink from flowing through its tips and dancing fascinatingly on the surface of that beautiful blank paper…

Let this send a message to your subconscious mind;
“Until your will power is stronger than your wish power, you’d seldom make much of a difference in any area of your endeavour.

It is not enough to say “I wish.” And neither is it enough to say “I will”, without being mindful enough to accentuate how it’s going to be executed — how you are going to get it done.

That could be somewhat confusing but at least, the latter is a bit more acceptable.

But however confusing that may seem, dig this;
The earlier you start replacing that intemperate wish with a rather wanton will the better for you in the long run.

Okay, enough of the preamble, now let’s delve into our headline:


Please before we begin highlighting those hacks, think it’s necessary we zero this out first;
There’s what we call peak moments in life. And it do always comes in diverse forms.

I have mine and you, yours. Yes, you, you have it. It’s normal if you are yet to (or can’t) recognize it yet but you should try as much as possible to get it figured out. Proceeding further. Number one hack in the list goes thus;



Like I said before, everyone are with their own peak moments and also in different formats.

Like mine, my peak moments normally occurs whenever I got swamped with some sorta activities, but oftentimes, do occurs whenever I’m getting stuck in between books, reading, listening to some mind or soul lifting motivational pieces or musics, etcetera.

It’s of immense importance you figure out when or how it occurs if you are yet to, so you can best capitalize on it when it comes. In other words, it’s called inspiration or epiphany.

And if you’ve already figured it out, this is what you should do.

I’m portraying myself in the picture here; so in my own case, whenever it comes, especially if I’m pretty much preoccupied, I’ll try to jot down whatever that pops up on my `literary laneʼ at that moment.

Or, at most cases, if I blatantly don’t just wanna write, I’ll simply launch the voice recording app on my phone and then start murmuring some words into it.

Whenever I’m less busy, I’ll listen to what I murmured then try to make meaning to it by writing it out and trying to make it clearer by inviting in some more detailed thoughts and coded ideas to have its awe effects.

It mustn’t always be accurate whatever I had jotted or recorded down, but as long as I have had my ideas transferred into a written note, that’s all that matters. And same should be the case with you.

Because ideas, while in its concentrated form in the mind, is just but a delusive dream and there’s a tendency that I might forget it. So the only way to capitalize on it is to probably have it recorded or jotted down.

Pro Tip:
You should never neglect writing down your ideas because it’s obsolete while in mind and it wouldn’t last long before it vanishes. And you should try as much as possible to make a judicious use of your peak moments. That’s the point.



Many people have their own reasons to which they want to write and to which they are writing.

And some of the major reasons which are not limited to the ones adduced below, are likely the response many writers would give as their reasons for writing:

✔️I Write For Fun.

Many people writes for the fun of it. While this is considered at least, to a certain extent, a cool reason, if you must know it is absurdly abnormal. You shouldn’t be doing anything for the fun of it. That was in the past.

The rules have changed. Now it’s either intentional or home — you should be conscious and intentional about whatever you are doing or prepare to get kicked.

And this is literally, one of the main reasons we have many “broke and frustrated writers” because they don’t see their writing craft as something that could fetch ʼem some moolah.

Pro Tip:
Instead of writing FOR fun you should rather be writing WITH fun. Don’t write for it but write with it. That’s the point.


✔️I Have Passion For It.

Whao! This is a good reason per se. But the thing is, while you’re flaming the ember of your passions, you should also be able to to at least, ask yourself some certain critical questions like;

  • Am I really passionate about my acclaimed passion?
  • How committed am I to it?
  • Am I ready to glorify that passion?
  • Am I a worthy representer of that passion? etcetera.

Passion is really not enough. But how motivated are you about it?
Remember, they say; motivation gets you started and commitment keeps you going. But the question is, are you ready to keep going even when that motivation isn’t there?

If you could answer these critical questions yourself, then believe and embrace your passion and be ready to toot that damn horn to the world that hey, you can do this and that you’re ready for it no matter what odds are laying up against you. Go for it friend, I’m rooting for you.


✔️I Want To Reach More Audience With My Writing And Make Money Off My Craft.

As absurdic (don’t go searching for that word in your dictionary or Google, the odd is, you may likely not find its meaning but I’d only advise you to use your “9th senses” to decipher its meaning) as this might sound to some people, this is really important.

It doesn’t matter how you validate that, but all that matters is that if your talent(s) can’t pay your bills then it isn’t really worth it and you haven’t hone it well.

Don’t be a hypocrite and follow the trend of “I write for fun, I have passion for writing, I write to wash away my pains, I write because I just feel like it, I write to educate, etcetera” and then, forget (or ignore) the most lucrative side of the deal “I write to make money”.

After all, almost everyone who embraces their talents and hone it well to its full and relevant extent, do enjoys its monetary benefits whenever it starts coming through and yours shouldn’t be any way different.

The point is, as your content is delivering and serving its purpose and your audiences are attesting to its values, the figures in your bank accounts should also be able to attest to it at least, to a certain percentage.

No matter how viral is your content if it can’t change the figures in your bank account then I suppose you still got some scores to settle. Time to sit back, reevaluate, re-strategize and re-engage.

The viral trend is just the feeling of a good acceptance of your content but the monetary value of it validate its profitability.

It was in the past, when the few unawares individuals, thought writing profession was a poor man’s business or profession. But now, the story has changed. And many people are rewriting the narrative.

For instance, according to an article published on Small Business Genius website, Content Marketing industry alone is projected to be worth $412 billion by 2021. And the figures are increasing significantly. That’s not some big joke, it is what it is. You can do the research yourself.

But meanwhile, come to think of it, what really contribute to the growth of this industry if not written contents? That’s where you and I, comes in — content creators.

Before I period this point, if I wouldn’t trigger no cataclysmic button of surprise nor exaggeration; there are people who combined the three highlighted points above i.e there are people who write with fun, passion and also for the monetary value and these are the exceptional writers.

Sceptic, right? Ask Successful and Bestselling Authors what I mean.☺



Don’t just start writing down any just and junk clichés ʼcos I said you should. Write down those ones that touches your heart of hearts, those ones that would strike your interest at any time.

After writing them down, try to either use it as a headline for your content or your beginning sentence. If you must, research about it and then try to create your own content based on your findings.

But yet, after writing down your headline, a part of you (what I call a literary nerves) might want to add some words to what you’ve written down. Just allow it to flow don’t restrict it.

After you must have written maybe two to three sentences or paragraphs, scroll back to read what you have written so far.

I know some of our genius would tell you that you shouldn’t try to edit nothing until you are done writing but I’m on the contrary here, so, I will tell you the opposite; you’re safe to edit if you could.

If you see any typos or grammatical errors or any other minute blunders, don’t ignore, try to correct it by so doing, more ideas might pops up and you would only have to get it fixed into a suitable spot and move on with your writing.

This is a tried-n-truth strategy that I have personally used a couple of times and it’s been quite helpful.



Don’t just start writing and start off writing for a vast majority of audience.

Try to identify your niche and as well as your audience. Don’t write to everybody lest, you’re writing to nobody.

I know this might be hard at a start, so it’s safe to start off broad and niche down later.

But try as much as it’s humanly possible, to have a particular topic you’ll be writing on — that is, your core area of interest and then, focus your energy on that.

You don’t have to write on religion today, and tomorrow you’re found writing about politics, then you move on to business and then, to motivations, to travel and finally to film production.

It wouldn’t take you long to realize that no one is going to take you for a serious person. And when that happens, what comes next might be a disaster. You’ll be frustrated. And if that happens, there’s a possibility that you may want to give up. I bet this isn’t what you want.

Starting off generically is permissible, but desiring to be a generalists isn’t advisable.

The way forward? Try to brainstorm within your subconscious mind, niche out a name for yourself and your type of writing you’ll be doing, then brand out. It could be something as simple as your:

  • skills
  • volunteer experiences
  • work experiences
  • personal interests
  • general life experiences, etcetera.

Package your content creatively, concisely and professionally. Attach images if you must.

And most importantly, before posting your content, if you aren’t satisfied with your wordings, organizations etc. Send your content to some of your sane buddies for critiques there and then, you’re safe to upload it if their critiques is unanimously considered a safe bet and if perhaps, it isn’t, you can make some tweaks to the parts or a whole content if absolutely necessary.

Don’t fret and don’t be discouraged if no one engages with it at a start, just keep a soft and mild posture with some positive mindset while constantly improving and honing your craft for a betterment.

Be ready to accept some ill remarks and or, some sane critics and respond to those you deem necessary.

I’m looking forward to reading that your content on my news feed (if it’s on social media), on the pages of Google (or any other search engine) search results (if it’s on the internet), yes you, the one reading this now. I’m rooting for you!

I love you!


Learn harder, earn higher, but work smarter.
Remember, you’re just one info away!
So, OODA [Observe, Orient, Decide & Act] on those ones you’ve got already!

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