Growing up, one of the most constant messages I heard most of the time about growth hack was, “practice makes perfect.”

I’d admit, I did love both parts of the sentence back in the days, but now I only subscribe to the first word, “practice”, shitcanning the latter.


Because there’s no such thing as perfection!

And this is probably, what’s been keeping many people locked-down on their quest to making something meaningful happen with their life — they want everything to just be perfect before they could launch out their dream business or whatever desires they are harboring and hoping to bring into the world.

I believe it’s safe to say, there’s really no such thing as perfection, so give yourself a break and just do it already!

The former US President, Calvin Coolidge had this to say about genius – “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

It’s no longer a story that almost every one of us are desiring to be a GENIUS but I’m sorry to (maybe), be the first to break it to you that, that adjectival phrase called GENIUS is just so dead OVERRATED.

Many people are shying off from taking chances with new opportunities or challenges with an excuse or reason best known as, “I am not a Genius” and “I don’t think I can do it”.

Again, I am sorry but the word genius is all been hyped and overrated, though, it may exist but its relevance as prior to your progress in life is on the reverse side of the pedal — you can only better your best by doing and not by being!

Everyone is a work in progress — even if some are already established, they still got some scores to settle. Main reason you shouldn’t freak out if you aren’t yet there already!

Of course, you wouldn’t deny the fact that, tech prodigies like Elon Musk, Mark Elliott Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos etc, are constantly reading, feeding their minds and brains with great contents. Or would I mention investment guru like Warren Buffet, business magnet like Mark Cuban, or maybe, financial expert like Tony Robbins, or world best renowned sales and personal development coach like Brian Tracy or, maybe Oprah Winfrey (this one is just a book freak) who are investing some reasonable amount of their time reading books on a daily basis — at least, 3 to 5 hours on average.

A curious mind might ask, what are these guys finding in books again?
They’ve already made their marks but why can’t they just rest?


Of course, that’s to tell you that genius are not born but rather they are made…and they’re not made by just wishing — a lot of sacrifice, self-discipline, persistent, commitment and a whole lot of things are involved.

Though I know there are some ‘great’ historians who might want to alter the narrative that genius (were) or are actually born and not made and maybe, they’ll start mentioning names like Leonardo de Vinci, James Williams Sidis, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Kim Ung-yong etc…but they’d also forget to mention some of the odd and disciplinary learning and training curve that these guys had to undergo before becoming a recognized names that we are, today admonishing.

Many people who achieve a modicum of success are sometimes regarded as gifted and lucky.

You shouldn’t let this urban myth stop you from achieving what may seem from afar as an impossible dream.

You’ve got the right to dream away — and now is the time, you’ve got the chance to make this work.

An old Chinese proverb says, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is NOW.”

Now, is the time. Stop looking for perfections.

A master was once an amateur. An expert, once an apprentice.

Everyone is a learner and they good news is that, learning only ends but when one is six feet under the ground.

So, what do you do?

Dream. Explore. Discover. Aim. Target. And shoot your shot!



Don’t wait ’til you get to the perfection island ʼcos the odds are, you may never will.

Do something strange today, be deliberate about effecting a positive change in, within and outside your domain.

Seek advice and counsel from others, it’s been repeated too often for it to now be considered a cliched, that, a closed mouth is a closed destiny.

Day after day, you’re closer to your grave. So, do something today now that you still got chance. It’s never too late to start creating that future that doesn’t yet exist nor, neither is it too late to start afresh.

Remember, you’re just one info away!
So, OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) with the ones you’ve got already!

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