This is not your regular cheap browsing fluff. This is from the service provider itself. And since this isn’t any one of those VPN cheap browsing shits that sometimes DOESN’T work, we wouldn’t be wasting time on the “how to” side of the story.

It’s gonna be just a plain and straightforward post. Read on to discover more.

It’s no longer a news that the intensity of data consumption in Nigeria has been witnessing some significant increase since 2016 through to today.

But one sad news about the interesting story is the fact that, the prices of data purchase are somewhat expensive.

And unfortunately, not everyone has access to free Wi-Fi network (if there’s one currently available anyways).

But the good news is that, from time to time, there are some amazing and exclusive deals and offers dishing out to the users amongst the telecommunication service providers operating in the country. And one of such is MTN.

Recently, they’ve launched an “amazing data offer” that will be running for the next 60 days.

If you aren’t aware of this amazing offer yet and you’re reading this post now, count yourself among the lucky ones who are currently enjoying this offer (myself included).

OK, enough of the preamble. Let’s get down to the root of the matter.

So, what’s the story here?

In simple lines, the story is, MTN is giving out 1GB of data for a meager sum of #200. Yes. You read that right. One gigabyte of data for just two hundred naira. Only.

If you are somebody like us whose greater part of their lives are lived on the internet and social media, you’ll agree with me when I say this is such a great deal coming out from MTN.

I know how much I spend on data subscription per month. And seeing this could save me some few bucks for the next 60 days, I thought it would be wise to spread the good news.

So if you are not aware of this offer yet, try it out as soon as today to see if you are qualified for it or not. Because I’m not so sure if it is SIM selective or not.

But one thing I can assure you of, is the fact that, it’s working 100%.


I subscribed to it on the 31st of last month (January) and it got exhausted today (Monday, 3rd February 2020). The reason for that longevity is that I haven’t been using it to stream videos online. Kind of being conservative yunno, 😉. Got some important things to do with money this very month so that’s why we’re cutting off irrelevant and unnecessary spending.

OK. So how do you subscribe?

Dial this code:
*567*140# and follow the onscreen prompts to activate your 1GB data bundle. It’s validity is seven days (7 days). And the offer is valid from now til 29.03.2020

If you are not qualified for this particular offer, you can check out their WelcomeBack offer also:
Use that as an alternative to the one I had just recommended.

The WelcomeBack package is strictly SIM selective. Check if you are qualified by dialing *131*65# and click on your preferred option. You’ll get a message that reads: “You’ll be charged #200 for the purchase of 1GB Weekly Data Bundle. Valid for 7 days.”

If you continue to the last message that says you have an insufficient balance to complete the purchase. You’re qualified — you can recharge your account and try again. If not, you’ll get an error message that says you’re not eligible for the offer. End of quote and end of story. Hallelujah! 😉☺

Do use the comment section below to ask your questions or share your thoughts, all your questions will be attended to. We read everyone!

And oh, don’t forget to enjoy the offer while stock lasts!

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