In early 1963, Stephen Hawking — British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author — was diagnosed with an early-onset slow-progressing form of motor neurone disease (MND).

A rare kind of disease also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease that gradually paralyzed him over the decades.

And according to the doctors, his life expectancy from the time he was diagnosed, was said to be just two (2) years.

But if you check the records, Stephen Hawking died on March 14th, 2018. He was born on 8th January, 1942.

If you were fast enough to punch your fingers on your calculator, you’d find out that, the said man died at the age of 76.

Recall, his life expectancy on earth was predicted to be two years by the doctors who diagnosed him. And from 21 years of age (1963) that he was by the time, through to 76 (2018).

If your calculations did not fail you the first time, that should give you 76 – 21 = 55 years of miraculous survival.


That’s 55 years of failed prediction.


Although, he was being confined to a wheelchair the greater part of his life, but this is a man who has attained an unimaginable feats in all ramifications over his lifetime on earth.

On his wheelchair:

  • He has authored more than eight (8) popular books.
  • Coauthored a couple of others.
  • Received numerous distinctive awards for his contributions to the world as a humanitarian and a scientist.
  • Traveled round the world.
  • Got married to a beautiful woman, impregnated her and yes, fathered three children.
  • Made provisions for a space travel, but unfortunately, that fell through before his death. Because space travel was yet to be commercialized by then.
  • Supervised 39 successful PhD students even while on wheelchair.
  • Elected as a Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

…And lots of other unmentioned great achievements that’s been attributed to this one man.

Mind you, he was a physically challenged person due to that chronic disease that crippled his spinal cord and some parts of his brain thereby leaving him paralyzed and losing his voluntary muscle control.

But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his wildest dreams. That didn’t cause him to lay blames on his unfortunate circumstances.

He was devastated, yes, for about two years after he was diagnosed.

But he figured out quickly, that life don’t just happen but rather, what one makes out of what happened is what that counts. So he kicked his ass and get back to work.

I’m talking about a crippled man who couldn’t talk again with his natural voice, but yet, with the aid of an artificial speech-generating device, he was still able to communicate and share his knowledge with his students.

Even upon his retirement as a professor, he was still found worthy to be appointed a director of research at the Cambridge University Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

Now, I leave you to ponder how on earth someone with literally no legs, no arms to call his own, and no voice, could have been this invaluable. And was able to have his name etched down in the sand of time.

Hello, this is Brainiac Williams.

Now, let me allow you in on the moral of my seemingly historical and well, biographical story.

The “doctors” in the title of this article, isn’t anyone of those health care professionals in the health and wellness industry. If you had thought it otherwise, I’m sorry, but your mind had deceived you.

The doctors in my article are simply:

Those vain critics, who by all and every means, would want to go a million mile just to prove to you a million way a particular thing can’t be done, achieved, or accomplished by you.

Those wet-blankets who would by every chance, wouldn’t cease to remind you of why or how that thing can’t be materialized.

Those sets of people who will tell you how over-ambitious, over-serious, eccentric, you are. How unreasonable, unrealistic, improbable your dreams or goals are.


Those motivational tyrants who by all means, would try to confuse the truth with their sincerity, or your opinions with their experiences.

Those love-me-in-my-presence kind of friends who only wish you well in your presence, but behind your back they wish they could just strangle you to death.

Those kinds of people whom your progress in life, offends them.

Those religious faithful who refuses to preach what’s found in the Good Book — The Holy Bible. But instead decides to mix and water it up just for their own selfish interests and vain glories.

Those political gladiators who has been embezzling public funds meant for the betterment of their citizens, beautifying of their communities by provision of basic infrastructures, social amenities, but instead they choose to keep it to themselves alone by locking it up in foreign-leading accounts, or just about any where else they deem fit.

Those legislators whom, by some cheap change in their pockets, had traded their integrity, sold out the public trusts bestowed on their heads, compromised their positions and sentence a petty thieve to life imprisonment while the senior public enemies, the most worrisome hoodlums are allowed to roam the streets with their SUVs.

Those force personnel who were to protect lives and properties, but instead they chose to make life unfavourable for a common man.

Those “street-chief-judges” whom, behind the scenes, they’ve committed the worst crimes, but by merely seeing an unfortunate hungry man trying to make away with a cup of garri so he could feed his little soldiers inside the stomach, they decided to bring an abrupt end to his life all in the name of jungle-justice.

Those medical scientists who were to save lives, but by whatever reasons, they chose to genetically engineered some diseases and viruses and send them across to destroy humankind. Without no form of remorse whatsoever.

These unspeakable and unpleasant things that we’ve been witnessing in our world today, has made many people become despondent about the future of mankind as far as this life is concern.

But if you are reading this now. I want you to know that there’s still hope. Yes, lots of it. I want you not to lose faith in whatever you believe in.

No. This is not any one of those “I hear say, I saw in my vision, I saw in my dream, the Lord told me…” kind of post.

If that’s what you were expecting, please you’re welcome to stop reading it now and move on to other interesting stuff and while your time on that instead.

Because you wouldn’t see anything like it here, not on this particular content.

This is a real practical, intuitive, and open-sourced opinion. And I’m writing this directly to you with a widely open mind and heart that cares about you.

And also, I’m not expecting you to say “amen” to the part that talks about hopes. I wasn’t praying. Neither was I prophesying.

And if you should say amen to any prophetic declaration henceforth, that should be a reflection of your faith in motion. In other words, yourself in action.

Faiths are still alive. But just so you know, only actionable faiths are the ones that actually works. Even the Good Book acknowledges that “faith without work is dead.”

So don’t let your pastor deceives you with his sweet and manipulative talks just to let you drain your account all in the name of spiritual investment thereby starving yourself afterwards.

Take this from me, I’m not against you investing in your spiritual life. As a matter of fact, I’m an astute believer of the true gospel of Christ Jesus. Perhaps, you were mistaking me for an atheist. I’m a Christian.

But hey, don’t fail to do the needful in the house of the Lord when you are capable and in a position to do that.

I’m not telling you to refrain from paying your quotas as instructed by the scripture. In essence, the point is, know when, what you are doing to another person is stupidity, and when it’s beneficial to you and to the person involved.

Now, to bring this home. This is what I want you to do. Promise yourself that you will never leave this world the way you came. This is very important.

Incase you had forgotten, you came into the world with something to an enclosed arm.

So I want you to make it a personal vow and a covenant between you and your creator that you’ll never leave this world the way you came in.

If you haven’t been working towards your envisioned lifestyle, begin now to work towards it.

If your current situation isn’t favourable, you’re very free to dream away. Dream a new dream. Everyday. And work towards achieving them.

Remember what Steve Jobs said while in his prime age? He said that he wanted to dent his universe before leaving, and if you check the records, he did just that.

Before your death day, ensure that you’ve opened your arms to let the universe sees what was embedded in between the lines of those palms. Very important!

Now, dig this…

If you are a criminal, ensure that you add a professional title to it. The one that would go down on record.

If you are a terrorist, ensure that you add a professional title to it. At least, there are numbers of people who died as public enemies and their names go down in records. Osama bin Laden was a quintessence of that.

If you are a healthcare professional, a pharmacist, there are a couple of things that you can do and succeed at. You can lead the race to the discovery of HIV/AIDS cure.

If you are desiring to become a politician, remember Niccolò Machiavelli? The one man that’s been widely considered as the father of modern politics? Maybe your name could also be etched down in the history book if you get your basics right.

Inventor? Thomas Edison’s works should inspire you.

Industry disruptor, innovator? Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, should probably be your role models.

If you can trace their path cognitively, you could probably remodel their footprints and make a name for yourself.

Henry Ford, one of the greatest inventors, said he didn’t invent nothing new. But rather, he refurbished other people’s ideas. And even Voltaire, also backed this up by saying that, “there’s no originality; only judicious imitations.”

This is exactly what you need be doing if you lack ideas of what to create or invent.

With the ingenious thoughtfulness of Bill Gates, we now have Word Processor, Excel, and PowerPoint embedded together as one simple software package. Whereas, before now, it was all a stand-alone programs on their own.

But he came in with his entrepreneurial mindset and thought it out so well that it would be wise if they could be combined together. He executed it. And what happened next? The world thanked him for it.

Jeff Bezos on the other hand, mired with his ingenious creativity, bloomed out a new industry that might probably send the traditional retail shops into their early grave if they don’t adopt quickly and tap into the digital revolution of the commerce industry. I’m talking about E-commerce.

Now you can order any item ranging from books, to toiletries, to consumables even while in your pajamas. Thanks to Amazon.


In whatever niche you’d be plowing your trade on, please ensure that you are one of the most priced assets or well, the only asset whose price can’t be bargained by just about “anyone.” Elon Musk would help me explain that better when you place order for one of his super cars.

Before I period this, let me share this powerful tip with you. If you were born poor, well, that was unfortunate. But if you die poor, that’s your one hundred percent responsibility.

Don’t blame your parents for your misfortunes in life. They don’t owe you a better life other than the one you create for yourself.

The only thing they owed you was your passport to be brought into the world so now that you are here, this is your life. Live it for yourself and make your parents proud.

Well, if you won’t do it for them at least, do it for that little human in your life whose cries will disturb your peace of mind. Do it for you and do it for your family.

Remember, don’t die and be buried with your best inventions, books, and songs still in you.

Steve Jobs advised that we should remember, our days are numbered, and that we shouldn’t spend it living someone else’s dreams.

Now that you still have a good chance to take a nice shot at whatever you will be shooting at, it’s the best time to give out your best self and die empty. Give out your best work and die fulfilled.


Read yourself full.
Pray yourself hot.
And preach yourself empty.

Those are the words from my mentor to you.

This is your life we’re talking about, make sure you live the kind of life that your future self will thank you for it. In your own little way, make sure you live the kind of life that you would be remembered for. Your legacy.

Remember to leave behind a kind of legacy that would bring open doors to your children and your yet unborn generation. Do not destroy their future with the decisions that you make or fail to make today.

Life is lived just this once and it’s very short. And you have just only this one time to live. Make sure you live it for you.


As usual…

Learn harder, earn higher, but work smarter.
Remember, you’re just one info away!
So, OODA [Observe, Orient, Decide & Act] on those ones you’ve got already!

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