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I’m thrilled at your curiosity to finding out why you clicked on this site’s link in the first place. Figuring out if there’s perhaps, a way it could be of any relevant help to you and your quest for answer is pretty sure the best way to go.

It’s amazing how precious everyone’s time is, and how valuable it is to its beholder, and it’s sure pretty much a disaster if any second should go by, without being able to account for it.

And to this awareness, this is why YOU are here on this very page. Let me not bore you with any crappy sermon (of course, you sure don’t need that anyways)…

So, let’s break the ice and spice up the gist…


Our world has changed remarkably, thanks to the “aggressive” advent of technology.


It’s no longer a story that every digitally inclined person should consider having a web presence. And whenever, such news is aired, the first thing any digital enthusiast would have running through his thought stream, would probably be, securing a slot in the blogosphere.

 But the rather, unfortunate reality is that, it isn’t every one of us a tech-oriented.

Some of us sure dread that word, ‘coding’. That single word alone couple with some other weird technical terms had buried really so many dreams of those “ambitious bloggers” who never actually got started.

I’m supposing, I wouldn’t be breaking no rule if I should break it to you that, it isn’t as daunting and confusing as it seems.

With really so many articles and tutorials scattered around the pages of Google and some other relevant search engines, one would agree that blogging isn’t all that technical as some people really paint it up.

Even as simple as popular blogs had tried to break it down, some still find it quite as difficult to figure out how to really get started, where to source for information, who to listen to with all the noise around and what are the right tools to use among other unanswered queries.

If you could relate to any of these, I’d advise you not to fret out. You’re not alone. I’ve been there. I know the feelings, the ugly experience that accompanies such encounter, I’ve been acquainted to it.

My very first affiliate website got crashed sometime in September 2018. I got screwed at some point with all these techy stuff. It was rebuilt from the scratch up again and sadly, it still couldn’t work.

Though, the dream of owning and managing my own web ‘penthouse’ was birthed in late 2016, while I was preparing to write my high school final year papers, but it was never materialized until, September 7th 2018.

And unfortunately, the first outing was just but a complete disaster. I didn’t want to disturb nobody no more so I decided to just lock up and forego everything.

Yes, I let go but I never quit. I recalled Pathros’s advice to Hafid, in Og Mandino’s book; Greatest Salesman In The World; in the book, Pathros put it up to Haffid, that, “Failure will never overtake him if his determination to succeed is strong enough…”

This particular point alone stood out for me. Deep within, I knew I haven’t failed perhaps, not yet, but there was something I was missing and wasn’t doing right. So I decided to do what I had NEVER done before and that was to learn the basics.

Over the past couple of months (if not years), I’ve been drowning in the stream of reading, developing myself, researching, testing and implementing what is what and what is not.

I wouldn’t say I got all the answers neither, would I say I got everything figured out but at least I could identify what is what and what is not.

So, while I was shying off under the ember of, “not yet ready” I discovered that there are pretty much what I know which could be of help to someone else and that I’m doing them a great disfavor and myself, a great disservice by hoarding those information.

But meanwhile, what do I actually mean and how can any of these could be related or beneficial to you?

  • To change the narratives, I set up this blog to help those non-techie-asses like myself, realize that they could actually do it if at all I’m doing it. And yes, that, there’s probably a way a technical stuff could be tackled through a non-technical approach and technique.
  • This blog will serve as a bridging gap between the information you’re searching for with regards to blogging, content, article and or, creative writing, freelancing and information marketing.
  • Some great resources, tools and how-tos, that are applicable in the real world would be made available on this blog. Some would be those I’m using, tried, tested and confirmed working while most would be from the industry leaders.
  • How to use industry recommended tools to promote your blog and engage with your audience the right way. Some of these tools would be free while some might demand some minimal investment to use.

I understand your eyes are blinking to see, ears itching to hear, mouth eager to read…but just so you know, we can’t serve everyone. This blog is geared towards:

  • Beginners who are truly interested on getting their feet wet in the blogosphere.
  • Non-techie inclined persons who’s planning on launching their own blog or website, creating contents for their blog and of course, better honing their writing prowess.
  • Those desiring to make money off of their freaking writing crafts through freelancing platforms.
  • And just about anyone else who’s interested on learning about blogging, content writing, info marketing and freelancing.

But hold on, who’s that pretty holy ass behind this Freelance Haven of a blog?

Well, meet him…

Brainiac Williams, that’s the name.

He’s an irreverent motivational and business writing crackerjack. Skilled in Web Content Writing, Blogging, Network Marketing, Social Media Blogging, Freelance Writing.

He helps you make meaning to your ink and also, show you ways on how to generate income passively, even with that your craft without ever jeopardizing whatever you’re currently involving in.


…I know you’ve got some pretty sane questions for me, right?

Of course, I, also, have got even more saner answers to you, huh!?

 So, how about we get connected and get even more closer?

It sure would worth the pleasure!

So, what now?

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